Michele Rusinko

Integrative Nutrition Health Coach

"Find something you're passionate about and keep tremendously interested in it."  --Julia Child

I'm passionate about cooking (and eating!).

In 2006, I retired as a sales director from a highly successful (and stressful!) career where I traveled extensively.  Fast food, happy hours, and late night dinners with enormous portions started my weight gain. 

Life on the road had taken its toll and, in 2009, I learned that I had acquired severe food allergies.  My immune system was on high alert and I needed to figure things out quickly before it led to more disease.

No longer having corporate health insurance, I spent a lot of money out of pocket to pay top doctors that never suggested it may be my diet.  It motivated me to do the research to heal myself.

And here's the good news.  I healed myself.  I learned how to eat a nutritious, whole foods diet by developing simple recipes that tasted good while veering away from processed foods. 

I've performed many healthy cooking demonstrations at health food markets and resorts, even having done some at the same venues as food tv chefs.

I'm a passionate speaker on what I believe to be the four pillars of healthy living:  diet, exercise, managing stress, and restful sleep.

Hopefully I can inspire you to be your best and empower you to live your passion.

Passion is energy.